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Andreaga Complete Collection (Procreate Brushes)
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by andreaga
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Procreate 5+
Mix and Gouache
Graphite Sketch
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Procreate Brushes Enjoy this complete collection of brushes for Procreate 5+, essential for your illustrations. This pack has a setup video and optional setup to give each brush more movement. -Watercolor 13 watercolor brushes with different texture details, solid, soft, mix and others. Now you can give your illustration style another technique with these beautiful brushes and create backgrounds, resources and more. If you want to start with digital watercolors, this pack will help you. The brushes are very easy to use and you can get great results just like traditional. -Mix and Gouache 15 Brushes with different techniques for ink, scribble, distortion, photocopy and solid gouache, with textures and others. The mix and gouache pack is perfect if you are looking for new illustration techniques, especially if you want to start in the world of digital gouache and then touch strokes with inks, textures or want to make a digital sketch of doodles, experiments with photocopy brushes and others. If you are looking to experiment with gouache, there are brushes to combine, solid type and if you want to give more character you can use textured ones. -Graphite Sketch 13 graphite, charcoal, textured, filled brushes, ideal for sketching and using them for the colored pencil technique. The graphite pack is specially created for lovers of sketches and techniques with colored pencils. There are special brushes for outlines, fillings, mix with crayon and various types of charcoal that will make your perfect illustration. -Texture 23 brushes ideal for textured details, for nature, backgrounds, clothing and more. The texture pack is perfect if you want to add details to your illustrations or if you want to use them for backgrounds, create different elements of nature, experiment with your illustration style or create a new one. -Lettering 29 brushes to use in lettering with different techniques for texture, marker, gouache, mix, solids and others. If you love lettering like me, you will like to use these special brushes to create and draw letters with different brushes such as texture, solid, gouache, shine, shadows, Watercolor, among others. These brushes will help you create titles for book covers, covers of all kinds, for your social media posts and more.
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Follow me for updates on what I am creating. If you'd like to know more about me and my work you can visit my Youtube channel: andreagailustracion
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Andreaga Complete Collection (Procreate Brushes) presentation image Andreaga Complete Collection (Procreate Brushes) presentation image
Andreaga Complete Collection (Procreate Brushes)
Buy for $15