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Artist Pack for Photoshop
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by andreaga
Compatible with
Adobe Photoshop
Personal & Commercial Use
Author provides the license
100 shapes
68 Patterns for your illustrations
44 Brushes "Motivo Brushes"
11 Brushes “Toque Brushes”
22 Brushes Plus Brushes
13 Brushes Rotation and Border Brushes
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Enjoy this beautiful Artist Pack, which includes a wide variety of brushes, patterns, and shapes to be used in Photoshop program. With them, you can add a unique and original touch to your illustrations using impressionist painting techniques, textures, and save time for your creations. What's included? - Set of Shapes (100 shapes) - Set of Patterns for your illustrations (68 PATTERNS) These will help you add effects to your illustrations (impressionist, gold, silver, watercolor, bronze, natural, holographic, etc.) - Set of "Motivo Brushes" (44 Brushes) It’s used with patterns for optimal results and an artistic, impressionistic technique. - Set of “Toque Brushes” (11 Brushes) It’s used with just one click for details in your illustrations. - Set of Plus Brushes (22 Brushes) It’s used for various effects, techniques with textures in your illustrations. - Set of Rotation and Border Brushes (13 Brushes) It’s used to add details to your characters. BONUS: - 2 downloadable prints (PDF) - 1 Set of printable stickers (PDF) - List of drawing prompts (Spanish only) (200 ideas) - 5 Royalty-free music tracks for your reels and videos (MP3) Processes, Uses, and Configuration: - (+25 min.) 6 Examples of step-by-step processes with brushes, patterns, and shapes. - 1 Complete guide in PDF with all the content of each brush and pattern. - 3 Videos: how to import into Photoshop (brushes, pattern, and shapes). - 1 video on the use of pattern brushes. See more samples @andreagaart on Instagram and @andreaga on Youtube. And see what everyone else is making using the #andreagabrushes hashtag!
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Follow me for updates on what I am creating. If you'd like to know more about me and my work you can visit my Youtube channel: andreagailustracion
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Artist Pack for Photoshop
Buy for $15