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Free Figma Bootstrap 5 UI Kit
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by Anand Patel
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Live Demo: https://themeselection.com/item/free-figma-bootstrap-ui-kit/ Description: Figma Bootstrap UI Kit comprising of 300+ organized Bootstrap 5 components built with an atomic design system & auto layout. Kick start your next Figma project Just drag and drop pre-made components from the Assets panel. Configure them in the right sidebar. Fast and simple, as should be. If you are looking for free UI Kits in the Figma, then this one is the best to check. Besides, it helps you to easily set up colors, typography & border-radius that changes everywhere instantly in UI Kit. Also, allows you to easily update the state of the component. and don’t be afraid to change a variant if you edited a component. The settings you have configured will be saved, such as text, icons, and even size. Thus, it is one of the best Figma UI Kits. Free forever for personal or commercial use (MIT Licensed).
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Hi there! My name is Anand and for the past 7 years I've dedicated my life to learning and getting to know everything graphics and UI/UX related.
Free Figma Bootstrap 5 UI Kit
Download (8.16 MB)