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Value x Effort Matrix
Value x Effort Matrix 🔥 - @kamiltatol - 1// How to make sure that we make the right decisions and take action towards the optimal strategies? Learn the Value x Effort matrix and discover how Product Managers and Business Stakeholders define priorities 🤔 2// What’s in it for You? Live is complex, no doubts about it. Designing and developing products is even harder - there are countless factors that need to be taken into consideration. The Value x Effort matrix is a great framework to assess what to do next. 
You can apply it to understand the company’s or client’s priorities, see the bigger picture, know what features to work on next, but also in your personal life. 3// Quadrants of the Value x Effort Matrix Q1: Low Hanging Fruit Q2: Big Bets Q3: Maybe? Q4: Danger Zone Prioritization — Where to Start? Usually the best strategy is to start in the left to corner of the Value x Effort Matrix
(follow the arrow on the next slide). Then the question is if we prefer to focus on the high-value and high effort or low-value and low-effort quadrant. It's up to you, and it depends on many factors — complexity, resources, deadlines, business requirements, certainty. One more thing - let's remember that these are our assumptions and estimations, and we should also consider known unknowns, but also unknown unknowns. Life is complex, so prioritization is. Good luck!