Design Tips / 7 Practical Tips How to Design Top Websites
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7 Practical Tips How to Design Top Websites
7 Practical Tips How to Design Top Websites🔥 - @lubosvolkov - There are about 1.5 billion websites online ... Today we are going to look into actionable tips for user-friendly and creative web design … Let’s do that. __________ 🧐 Why you should read this post? ____ Websites are an essential part of every online business ... We often forget how they can be important ... A great website can be difference between success or failure of the business ... Learning how to elevate the design and overall user experience of the site can lead to more conversions or revenue for the business. . What you will find in the post? ____ 1️⃣ Setup clear visual hierarchy 2️⃣ Focus on loading speeds 3️⃣ Remove unnecessary elements 4️⃣ Break the grid, be creative 5️⃣ Simplify site navigation 6️⃣ Optimize every page for mobile 7️⃣ Think about accessibility 8️⃣ (Secret) Summary . 🤯 Key takeaways ____ Always try to answers users' questions before they ask them ... Entire web design is about storytelling ... Tell the user story of product or service in a creative way ... But always put the user first, do not overload them with unnecessary items and make the entire website accessible.