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User interview
USER INTERVIEWS have become a popular technique for getting user feedback, mainly because they are fast and easy. However, you should know beforehand what problem it is you think customers have, and think about how you'll either confirm or contradict that. . 1️⃣ Finding participants Be sure to talk primarily to people in your intended target market. There are a lot of paid platforms to find the right participants: or . 2️⃣ Location It's fine to meet customers somewhere convenient or have them come to your office. If you need to do this over a video call, that's not as good, but much better than not doing at all. . 3️⃣ Preparation Prepare a discussion guide with a list of questions and hypothesis. After that, schedule the session with the customer. I recommend using Calendly for time planning. . 4️⃣ Interview 1. Be sure, that everything is recording or you have a partner who is taking notes. 2. Work to keep things natural and informal, ask an open-ended question. 3. Don’t share your assumptions or hypothesis. 4. If a person is struggling to voice their thoughts, reach the root of the problem by asking five consecutive “why” questions. . 5️⃣ Review and share results Highlight key insights, quotes, thoughts from each session immediately after. Create a report with the results and share it with your team or stakeholders. . 🙌Thank you for attention! If you have any questions just ask me in comments or direct message. Follow for more design tips and insights.