Design Tips / How to start (your) UX/UI design career
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How to start (your) UX/UI design career
How to start in UX/UI? - Author: @tomkoszyk - In the past weeks, I got asked this question a lot! I wasn't able to answer all of them, so I decided to prepare a post that answers this question from my perspective. Because of the limited space, I wasn't able to put everytjing in it. This is a subject you can talk about for hours, so if you have any additional questions, make sure to ask them in comments! . When it comest to the process you can sum it up in few steps: 1️⃣Understand the domain (UX & UI) 2️⃣Decide where to start (UX or UI? you won't be able to do both at first!) 3️⃣Learn the process & methods 4️⃣Learn basic tools 5️⃣Practice 6️⃣When you already have the basics in place, learned the theory, tools and practised, now is the time to look for a mentor! . In the post I mentioned "UX for Freelancers" course by @Anfisign - make sure to check it out!