Design Tips / How Did I Start In UI/UX Design?
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How Did I Start In UI/UX Design?
How Did I Start In UI/UX Design? - @bojanovakovic formula for success! - "My inbox is full of questions about how did I start in design and what tips do I have. 🔥 I try to answer to as many as possible. Btw, sorry goes to all of you not responding back. While I really appreciate each message I receive, it’s hard to answer everyone. 🤭 . So I made a post that might be helpful or inspiring to those who reach out to me. It’s a quick overview of my start. It’s not the most academic way, nor the best way to do it. But it’s how I did it and it didn’t turn out so bad. 😄 There’s a lot of great designers out there with more helpful tips for beginners, so you should explore them too. . Let me know in the comments if you think this is helpful or inspiring. Thanks!" . 📸 stokpic from Pixabay . . We daily deliver useful tips and design lessons directly to your favourite feed!