Design Tips / 8 Tips & Benefits To Become Successful Freelance UI Designer
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8 Tips & Benefits To Become Successful Freelance UI Designer
8 Tips & Benefits To Become Successful Freelance UI Designer. . Since last few months I got so many DMs about “How to start career as a freelancer?”. So I’ve created this post regarding same. Kindly share it. Comment below if you enjoyed this. . 1️⃣ Inspiration. Inspiration is the key to start a career in designing field. As per current trend, designs are changing on daily basis. There are so many great designs on online platforms like Dribbble, Behance etc. Try to take some inspiration from same. 2️⃣ Learn Softwares Try to learn all softwares as per your needs. Currently there are so many video tutorials on internet to learn softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Sketch (for Mac users) Adobe XD, Figma, Invision App, Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator etc. 3️⃣ Practice Never stop practicing. Try to practice on all different tools when you’ve free time. With more practice you can increase your quality of work and time management skills. 4️⃣ Branding Yourself Build a professional looking website which should be responsive. Connect with social media. It’s very important to increase your popularity & get clients. Build attractive portfolio with some awesome designs. 5️⃣ Find Clients There are some great platforms to find freelance work like Upwork, Peopleperhour, Toptal, Fiverr etc. Create a professional cover letter including your skills. Update your website, portfolio & social media regularly which is very important to get clients. 6️⃣ Time & Task Management Schedule your time in a way that you can achieve your daily tasks. List down all daily tasks and arrange them priority wise. There are so many apps for same like Trello, Todolist, etc. 7️⃣ Client Relationship Client is most important thing of your freelance career. Be professional and explain your process in a very simple way. Provide great customer service & always give some extra efforts for long term relationship. 8️⃣ Deliver on Time Never miss deadline. Always try to deliver your work before given deadline. Review your given work, prepare some milestones and then arrange time limit .