Design Tips / 8 Epic Tips How to Present Your Design Work
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8 Epic Tips How to Present Your Design Work
Presenting your work is an important part of the design process … Today we are going to look into tips on how to present your work in and win the client's heart. ________ 🧐 Why you should read this post? __ Presentation of work is often overlooked topic … However you can be the best designer in the world, but if you can not present your work effectively you can lose the client … Just like everything else you should practice your presentation skills … This is one of those things which can make you look significantly more professional without too much of extra effort on your side. . What you will find in the post? __ 1️⃣ Make sure you are designing the right thing 2️⃣ Prepare for every single meeting 3️⃣ Do not share only the final design 4️⃣ Show your work in the real context 5️⃣ Backup your work with actual data or research 6️⃣ The client should fully understand everything 7️⃣ Outline the next steps of the process 8️⃣ Try to give them something extra for free . 🤯 Key takeaways __ Always try to prepare for your presentation in advance … Do not only share your screen ... Create well structured presentation about the meeting topic … This will help the client understand your design process and decisions … This can help you to win the client on your side. ________ ⁉️ Which one is your favorite tip? Let me know the number in the comments below.