Design Tips / 7 Awesome Tips How to Design Better Apps
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7 Awesome Tips How to Design Better Apps
7 Awesome Tips How to Design Better Apps 🔥 - @lubosvolkov - _________ There are almost 2.2 million applications in the Appstore … But creating a great mobile experience takes a lot of practice ... Today we are going to look into actionable tips on how to design better applications … Let’s do that. _________ 🧐 Why you should read this post? ____ Almost every single company has a native mobile experience now ... However, with the scale, we often keen to forget about the very little things which can make the experience better for the end-users ... Do you remember the last time when you downloaded the new app and uninstalled that in few minutes? ... Today you will learn how to create better app experiences. . What you will find in the post? ____ 1️⃣ Try to avoid onboarding tours 2️⃣ Utilize existing patterns 3️⃣ Add labels for icons 4️⃣ Design for big thumbs 5️⃣ Optimize push notifications 6️⃣ Battery life is affected by design 7️⃣ Set a primary goal for the screen 8️⃣ (Secret) Summary . 🤯 Key takeaways ____ Always focus on the end-user and their goal within the screen or application ... Try to remove unnecessary things until you will get the minimum what the user needs ... Try to think about small details such as touch area or notifications ... Lastly, try to use existing and established patterns if possible without limiting the innovation.