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Brainstorming UI Style Kit
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by Rusmir Arnautovic
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16 style categories
161 different styles
21 screen categories
235 screens
374 components
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Brainstorming - is the UI Style Kit with huge mobile screens and components library. Trendy design that you can use for inspiration for your app with super quality design. The kit includes 16 style categories - 161 different styles, 21 screen categories - 235 screens - 374 components. Each screen is fully customizable, exceptionally easy to use and carefully layered and grouped in FIGMA. It's all you need for a quick prototype, design.
Rusmir Arnautovic avatar image Rusmir Arnautovic
Hi, my name is Rusmir, and I'm Art Director and Designer based in Sarajevo, BA specializing in interface design for native mobile and web-based apps.
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Brainstorming UI Style Kit
Download (77.59 MB)