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Feshto - Fashion Email Bundle.
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by Dharmesh Gohil
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Adobe XD
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Adobe XD
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Hie there, Thank you for creating an excellent and useful website for downloading the freebie. We create a 10 Notification email template in Adobe Xd. and we want to share this file with your user. ------------------------------------------------- What is Include ------------------------------------------------- Reset Password Link Reset Password Code Confirmation Email Link Confirmation Email Code Subscription Email Unsubscribe Email Survey Email Thank You Email Policy Email Event Email Product Name: - Feshto - Fashion Email Bundle. Product Description:- Feshto Email Bundle is the All-in-one Solution for eCommerce. The only Feshto email bundle covers all aspects, beautiful layouts, super customizable, blazing fast, customer-first approach. Product Link:- https://liramail.com/feshto/ Download Freebie Link: https://gumroad.com/l/fJtoVI
Dharmesh  Gohil avatar image Dharmesh Gohil
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Feshto - Fashion Email Bundle.
Download (320.69 KB)