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Parallel Chat
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by Daniel Korpai
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The brief was to create a chat interaction flow for an app or website, with the following points in mind: - the interface has to break to rules of the conventional boring chatting interfaces - users must be able to attach files seamlessly without affecting the ongoing chat - users should able to shift easily between several chats - it has to be unique, also it has to solve the UX problems we are facing in the today world For me the biggest pain during chatting - especially on mobile - when my partner types much faster and asks two or more questions after each other without waiting for me to reply back to the first question. This way I always have to refer back to which question I’m answering. Inspired by the drag&drop approach of stickers in iMessage, I created a flow, where users can also drag&drop messages to certain parts of the conversation, this way you can just drop your answer bubble right on to the question you're replying to.
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Product Designer at InVision — hello@danielkorpai.com — Check out my Skillshare class: skl.sh/2I6RCcx
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