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Exshop - Ecommerce UI Kit
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🛍 50+ screens of Perfect design for E-Commerce App 🛍 Welcome to Exshop, your doorway to a seamless online shopping experience! Unveil the magic of our E-Commerce App UI Kit — an exquisite compilation of over 50 Light mode mobile app design screens, thoughtfully crafted for simplicity and user-friendly interaction in Figma. This UI Kit is not just about screens; it's an immersive journey into the world of digital retail. Explore the intricacies of our highly detailed user interface template, designed not only for E-Commerce but also ideal for Marketplaces, Digital Asset Selling, and an array of related projects. These versatile screens transcend their primary purpose, making them adaptable to a myriad of other product designs. Empower your design process with a UI Kit that seamlessly integrates with all Figma features. From a comprehensive design system to meticulously selected typography, expressive iconography, and dynamic components with variants, our UI Kit is a playground for your creative ideas. Craft your digital storefront using our set of vector UI kit symbols — each symbol and object is a vector-based masterpiece, ready to be customized and edited with ease. Let Exshop redefine your approach to E-Commerce design, making your product not just visually appealing but also uniquely engaging in the vast online marketplace. Boost your design efficiency and craft stunning UI with this comprehensive kit! __________________________ 4 User Interface categories : 📱 Onboarding 🔐 Sign in ⭐️ Main Page ⚙️ Profile & Setting __________________________ Thank you for your purchase and support!
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Hello, we are Kawalan Studio, We make design for icon, illustration, template and digital product interface. for business, email us : kawalan.studio@gmail.com
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Exshop - Ecommerce UI Kit presentation image Exshop - Ecommerce UI Kit presentation image
Exshop - Ecommerce UI Kit
Buy for $34