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Stellar School App - Student UI Kit
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by Creative Alive
Compatible with
Adobe XD
Personal & Commercial Use
Author provides the license
100+ ready to use components
25+ Unique Layouts
Prototype Included - Play with XD & Figma bo
Apple iPhone X Compatible
Organized Group and Layers
Customizable Color Palette
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Stellar School Management Mobile App - Student Module UI Kit is a part of a solution to manage Super Admins, Teachers, Students, Finance Staff, and Bus Staff. These different mobile apps will give fruitful user experience to their stakeholders. This UI Kit contains ready to use components, Typography, Design System, and customizable Color Palette. With 25+ Unique Layouts, we covered almost every aspect of a Student App would require. This UI Kit is available for both Adobe XD and Figma. Fonts in this kit are for preview purposes only and NOT included in the package file.
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Stellar School App - Student UI Kit
Buy for $5