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Dravter Lo-fi Wireframe Kit
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by Gravigo
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Essential UI components for rapid wireframin
Easily go from low to mid-fidelity
Freehand icons
Easy to customize styleguide
Well-organized file
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Transforming your wireframing experience in Figma: focused, fast, efficient. Fun and focused wireframing. Easily drag and drop UI components to create layout with focus on the structure and content, without the distraction of colors and pixel perfection. Iterate faster than pen on paper. Experience the fastest way to create and iterate on your wireframes. Remember, you cannot copy paste using pen on paper. 😜 Easily go from low to medium fidelity wireframe. The UI components may look simple, but you can get more details by editing the properties. You can even replace the “blocky” text with your own content! 😎 Easy to customize styleguide. Easily customize the typography, shadow and color system to better suit your project. Full presentation: https://www.dravter.com
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Dravter Lo-fi Wireframe Kit
by Gravigo
Download (8.37 MB)