Design Tips / Rapid Prototyping 101
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Rapid Prototyping 101
Learn the process of rapid prototyping and up your game in UX design. 🔥🔥🔥 - By: @morejanda - ✅ A prototype is a thing. It is a low fidelity, less detailed version of an interface used to test user behavior. - - ✅ Rapid prototyping is a process that includes quickly ideating ideas, creating a low fidelity prototype, and testing the user behavior. This process repeats until UX decisions are validated, at which point you can move on to creation of a high fidelity design. - - 💥💥💥 Test early. Test fast. Test often. Rapid prototyping allows you to validate UX decisions prior to creation of high fidelity products. 💥💥💥 - - Interested in learning more about UX design? Check out the course I created in conjunction with at 🙌 Or just keep following my IG where I will continue to share more UX content like this.