Design Tips / IOS VS. ANDROID: Basic visual difference
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IOS VS. ANDROID: Basic visual difference
IOS VS. ANDROID: Basic visual difference - Author: @lisa.martinovska - Not a fan of hybrid? Or maybe the client wants an app for Android and Apple following their native guidelines? Don't worry, I got your back. 🤟 . There are many differences, like swiping - in Android you swipe between tabs. But if I swipe right on Apple, I will go a screen / step back. 👈 . Or we have different typography - both sizes and typeface - Roboto vs. San Francisco! 😎 . And buttons! Android's floating buttons with shadows and Apple's more... clean design, let's face it.😁 . Apps for both platforms are slowly starting to be more and more similar to ease the time and have everything more consistent across the platforms. But that won't stop us from wanting to purchase new iPhone right...😅 . Even though I will maybe have to create a part 2 because it's impossible to fit this huge package of information in this small formate, I hope this (part 1?) will help you on your design journey!✊❤️ I have created this post mainly because I needed it for a design project of mine, so why not share it with you guys 🙏 . What's your favorite thing to do - design hybrids, or follow guidelines of Android / iOS? And what do you think I missed and it should be among these basic visual differences?👇👇👇