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"How to Work with Me Guide!"
🔥 Want to revolutionize how you work together with others? Create a "How to Work with Me Guide!" by He says: I came across this concept back in 2016 by David Politis, founder and CEO at BetterCloud, and then also in a recent 2020 LinkedIn post by the former VP of Product Design at Facebook, Julie Zhuo. 👉 Essentially, you're helping people gain a better understanding of how to work with you. First, you look inward and write the guide focused on questions about you. Next, you answer questions about how you interact with others to give them a better idea of what to expect. 😬 It's a fun exercise, trust me, but more importantly, it will help others have a better experience of you! As Julie Zhuo points out, yes, something like this is going to make us feel and experience vulnerability, but vulnerability is the key to unlocking trust in any relationship.