Design Tips / How to Start Freelancing with No experience?
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How to Start Freelancing with No experience?
How to Start Freelancing with No experience? - By: @fazurrehman - I am gonna tell you everything about freelancing in post behalf on my experience, How you can start? ___ In this post, I am gonna share with so many things related to the your design business, and If you just started or wanna start freelancing then I hope this post will help you! ___ Take a moment and Understand this! You are not the only freelancer, But You are also a business owner, so please stop consider yourself as the only Freelancer! ___ In this post, I will tell you 1️⃣ Creative & Business side of freelancing, 2️⃣ How you can start freelancing 3️⃣ How to Price Projects? 4️⃣ How to Create a Proposal! 5️⃣ Business Tools & Resources! 6️⃣ How to find clients ___ Best sources for learning freelance business + Invision Blog + TheFutur Channel on youtube - Books + Creative Strategy and the Business of Design + Freelance, and Business, and Stuff by hoodzpahdesign + Value–Based Fees: How to Charge & Get What You′re Worth