Design Tips / How to Design Icons
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How to Design Icons
How to Design Icons! - Author: @fazurrehman - Most of the time we don't how to design icons, Where to begin, What are the Principals & Guidelines, That's why this post is all about the icon. ⠀ Here are some questions designer usually asked • What tools should I use for Icon design? Trying to use vector tools for creating like Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Figma and so on... _____ • Icon Design Prinicipal learning sources? Material Design, Medium Articles _____ • How many icon sizes I should use in the project? Well, Less is good! I think for me best is to maintain consistency so I always keep 16, 24px, 36px icons in my whole project. _____ • Why should I keep the icon smaller than artboard? Why It is very important for usability, there are benefits like a quick response from the icon, finger touch never miss! _____ • What are the formats I should export icons? High recommended in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) & Png. ⠀ Let me know what do you think about Icon design? comment below