Design Tips / How To Build a Design System
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How To Build a Design System
7 Tips How To Build a Design System ⬇️ By: @lubosvolkov __________ I would like to continue sharing more detailed design tips … The idea is to share with you the tips along with the practical visual examples … Let’s have a look at them. __________ 🧐 Why are design systems valuable? _____ Design system helps the entire company to deliver better and more consistent design solutions faster … It also acts as a compass and it helps to guide everyone towards the right direction … It also allows you to iterate faster without wasting time with a way too many visual explorations. . Design system tips _____ 1️⃣ Introduction 2️⃣ Establish design principles 3️⃣ Define brand guidelines 4️⃣ Build component library 5️⃣ Next steps 6️⃣ Key takeaways 7️⃣ Valuable resources . 🤯 Key takeaways _____ Build system as you go … It takes a lot of time and people to build a robust design system … Start with the simple brand guidelines and component library and evolve the system on the fly … Only make sure that you keep everything up to date and collaborate with the team … Lastly, make sure you validate everything before you implement it … Everything needs to have a purpose.