Design Tips / Future of UX
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Future of UX
The past 10 years the profession of the designer has seen a lot of significant changes. The reason for these changes is technology innovations. . Nowadays, designers are becoming more tech-savvy engineers than artists. To be a designer means much more than just to know the principles of visual design. . If we want to know what is the future of UX, we should know what is the future of technologies. I've prepared a few ideas that will change our profession in the next 10 years. . 1️⃣ The end of smartphones. In the next few years, the number of manufactured smartphones will decrease. The cause of it that product innovation cycles slowed down. . 2️⃣ The new era of hearables devices. Together with AI assistant, these devices can provide all needed information, book the hotel, order some food, or even translate your interlocutor. . 3️⃣ Technology and Fashion. Clothing brands will hire engineers and UX designers to embody innovation technologies into clothes. For example, a smart textile that can absorb solar energy and charge any devices when you put them in your pocket. . 5️⃣ Global Automation. 45% of current jobs can be automated. Robotics will replace human mostly in manufacturing and delivering. . 6️⃣ Design for robotics system. Robot designers should be able to create an interaction scenario between robot and human. Designers will devise solutions for smart drones, humanoids, and other robotics OS. . 7️⃣ The best interface — is no interface. Big part devices of the future won't have a GUI (graphic user interface). Consequently, the amount of UI designers will decrease. . 8️⃣ Drawing skill isn't required. Machine learning will allow everyone to draw good GUI mockups. All you need is to put design specifications or even drafts into the design tool and you will get hundreds of mockups. . We have to learn new things almost every day to be in demand in the next few years. Lack of knowledge in technologies and business makes us similar to artists, but not designers. . 🤔 What do you think about the future of UX? . Inspired by @olegkukharuk @iskros