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Creating Design Systems
by uxgene
Let’s talk about how we treat new UI components or their updates. In general, there are 4 stages of each component lifecycle 🕵️‍♂️Discover — here either a design team or business/product need to discover that new component needed. So the request to create/update it been flagged 🎨Define — responsible team/or solo DS(design system) designer gets this request and created a design for the component. It’s been reviewed within the team, updated in the Design UI KIT and get flagged to a developer. In the same time description of it get pushed/updated to the DS Documentation 👩‍💻Develop — DS dev team codes the components in clean code and pushes updates to Components Library. Also if any bugs reported for existing components — they get fixed here 🚀Deliver — after Components library been updated with new coded components these updates get reflected in the Documentation web resource of the Design System 🔥Now new component is ready to use! Hope that was helpful! Check out my previous posts about Design Systems to not miss out anything!