Design Tips / Checkboxes principles, usage & states
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Checkboxes principles, usage & states
by uxgene
It’s checkboxes time! This topic is pretty easy, but still I wanted to bring it here to the feed along with the other selection controls. So that next time designing a form with selection controls you won’t miss any General description of checkboxes is that they allow selection of one or multiple items from a set of choices. Few quick tips on usage: 1️⃣ best to present checkboxes in a vertical list 2️⃣ group of checkboxes should comprise dependent choices 3️⃣ more than one column is acceptable 4️⃣ try to keep your list short enough Checkboxes have several usage patterns and represent: 👤Individual choice (apply/don’t apply 1 option) 👥Multiple choice (select 1 or more options) 💁‍♂️Mixed choice (when used in group with sub-selection, parent checkbox can be in Mixed state) And one more important note that always use clear and concise labels for checkboxes. Be explicit about the results that will follow if the checkbox is selected. These are the most basic rules for the checkboxes. To master their usage you can dig dipper and explore Material, IBM Carbon or old good Microsoft guides. Hope that was helpful!