Design Tips / 8 Essentials tips to make good UI
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8 Essentials tips to make good UI
8 Essentials tips to make good UI By: @christvizcarra - Hi everyone, here are 8 quick tips that will improve your design skills! . . 1. Know your users (user first) We need design for and with others, not for us. . . 2. Be consistent and clear Be consistent in your design, clear in the message. . . 3. Give Feedback in real time We're human. We need to know what's going on. . . 4. Instantly noticeable CTA Every interface has a call to action (principal), it should be clear what it is. . . 5. Have a strong visual hierarchy Define your hierarchy, which is the main message, which is the visual path. . . 6. Connect emotionally Is important because it creates an experience for users that make them feel like thereโ€™s a person, not a machine. . . 7. Make your interfaces easy to learn We're all different. There must be an easy learning curve. . . 8. Donโ€™t ignore standards Don't try to invent the wheel. See what's going on, the patterns, the standard (example: ecommerce). - - Follow as at: #ui_gradient @ui_gradient - Turn on post notification if you want to not miss any of our publishing - One design each day - Want to learn more about UI/UX? Check our story articles!