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SF Symbols
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by Oscar
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Communication, Weather
Object & Tools, Devices, Math
Gaming, Connectivity, Transport
Human, Nature, Editting, Text Formatting
Media, Keyboard, Commerce
Time, Health, Shapes, Arrows, Indices
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πŸ–ŠοΈ About this file This file is a comprehensive organisation of SF Symbols in their SVG format. It contains the following categories: Communication Weather Object & Tools Devices Gaming Connectivity Transport Human Nature Editting Text Formatting Media Keyboard Commerce Time Health Shapes Arrows Indices Math πŸ”—Social links - https://www.linkedin.com/in/oscar-sun/ - https://www.youtube.com/@oscarsundesign - https://www.instagram.com/oscars.design/ πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Who am I Hi there! Welcome to my Figma community playground, where I share my passion for product design and content creation. I'm a professional product designer who loves to create beautiful and functional products that solve real problems. I also enjoy making videos about design, creativity, and lifestyle. Here you'll find anything UX related such as UI component sets, user research interview template, presentation templates, resume templates and many more. If you're interested in learning more about product design and content creation, or just want to have some fun, make sure to subscribe and hit the follow button to get notified of new files. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my content! πŸ—¨οΈ Communication: wanna reach out? You can reach out to via email: oscarsun.design@gmail.com Or… through any of my social links 😊
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- UX Designer (Design Systems) - Master of Interaction Design (IxD)
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SF Symbols presentation image SF Symbols presentation image SF Symbols presentation image
SF Symbols
by Oscar
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