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ThreeDee: All Access Plan
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3D libraries work as giant 3D design system
Characterz, Illustrationz, Vehiclez
Iconz, Headz, Handz Premium
Avatarz, Animalz, Emojiz
Fontz Premium, Worldz, Petz
Premium support
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With the All Access Plan, you will get access to all of our 3D libraries from ThreeDee, discounted by 30% Why use the All Access Plan? - Our 3D libraries work as a giant 3D design system where you can combine our 3D libraries to make amazing 3D scenes for your designs in minutes rather than days or weeks. The beauty is that our 3D libraries work nicely together — no need to use any other 3D pack. - Many brands customized our 3D libraries and built the whole branding around 3D, e.g., iOS App of the Day VOS.health, Sam Underwood (SEO consultant), or Smartlook (come from 2D to 3D) - We continuously improve our 3D libraries and bring new features, even tools, to make your work more productive. - It's suitable for people new to Blender, as we have created a lot of beginner-friendly tutorials. - If you need inspiration, definitely follow us on Instagram or Dribbble. There is no limit to what can be created in 3D. You will have instant access to the newest versions of these 3D libraries: 1. Characterz 2. Illustrationz 3. Vehiclez 4. Iconz 5. Headz 6. Handz Premium 7. Avatarz 8. Animalz 9. Emojiz 10. Fontz Premium 11. Worldz 12. Petz On top of that: - if there is a new 3D library, you will get a guaranteed spot to get 30% off the library - if there is a significant update to the 3D library (which can happen once every 18 months), you get a 50% discount to upgrade. - Premium support - You will become a ThreeDee VIP customer and get early access to the new tools we are working on. As a gift, you will get free access to Roomz, Characterz Fit body & Cropper 🎁 Who will benefit from the All Access plan the most? - Design Agencies or Freelancers that can utilize the power of our ThreeDee libraries for at least 1 client, stand out and charge more thanks to using 3D - Software Companies that plan to use 3D in their apps/branding/social media - Software Developers who plan to incorporate 3D in their apps. License 📝 You can see the license for our 3D libraries here. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at samuel@threedee.design
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Lovely ❤️ 3D libraries to stand out your projects & products in the busy world.
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ThreeDee: All Access Plan
Buy for $450