Time Zone Messenger Extension
Time Zone Messenger Extension
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Hey there 👋 Recently I've been scheduling a lot of international virtual meetings with my friends/family and clients via Facebook Messenger. By now, calculating time zones became my second nature. 😂 However, I've missed not one or two meetings, because of the incorrect time calculations in different time zones. I really like how you can now create Plans in Messenger and get notifications before the meeting, although it would be great to have a little help in terms of choosing times in different time zones. In this concept, I created a simple and easy-to-use interface to help selecting an available time slot when both parties have free time in their calendars. The sender would see his/her own calendar in the extension view and also the recipient's calendar but due to privacy reasons a calendar event would only have a 'Busy' title and not the actual event title. The extension would be also aware of the location and pick the appropriate time zone automatically.