EP Photography | Day 12/365 - Project365
EP Photography | Day 12/365 - Project365
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Day 12/365 - ElitePixels Photography - Sketch Freebie Freebie Friday: EP-Photography is a template that focuses on the image, that has a story. Photos are stories, frozen in time. This approach is in no way unique or new to the design world. But, It was a new approach and style that I had to try out. Hope you like this week's freebie! Please do comment if you want something in particular for the next Freebie Friday! I'll try to design as much as possible! What is Project365? A 365 Days Design Challenge undertaken for the love of design and creativity! This is not just another design challenge. The challenge is to design a brand new, unique website/application or any UI/UX interface in a single day and keep doing this for 365 days constantly! Without a break, without any compromises! For detailed blog posts on my daily content: Project365.design