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Boost your efficiency and productivity in Figma, with a complete set of tools for designers in their day-to-day UX process. Thanks to UX Stack Guru for Figma you can eliminate the need for multiple UX tools and subscriptions. What problem does it solve? I've been working as a UX designer for 15 years. One of the biggest problems I have encountered in my career as a designer is the fact that I design UI in Figma, but the entire process of creating UX from flowcharts through research to creating user journey maps takes place in external tools such as Axure, Miro, Overflow, Whimsical, etc. Each of these products is a different login, additional, often not insignificant costs, and each of them has a different style, making it difficult for me as a designer to achieve consistency during the creation process. Additionally, some of these tools have no collaboration with other team members, making the entire process even more complicated. I created UX Stack Guru because I wanted to focus on a consistent process where I have everything at hand and in one place without the need to switch to other products, remember logins, or that I have to pay for another month's subscription. What's inside? UX Stack Guru for Figma containing kit for building flow chart kit, user flow kit, printable sketchbooks kit, sitemap kit. Also templates for UX process such as: user story map, empathy map, persona, user journey map, SWOT analysis, card sorting, dot voting, design research, design brief, lotus diagram, product canvas, lean UX canvas, feature planning, feedback grid, and more. You can even organize your kanban boards inside Figma. Additionally numerous of components to help you with creating more meaningful experiences. - UX Stack Guru for FigJam also containing kit for building especially flow charts, information architecture, timelines, and more. - Plugin for Figma and FigJam you will get a key for unlimited usage of our plugin 👉 download. - 69 Black & White Whoooa! illustrations that can be used in your projects. Examples of what you can create with UX Stack Guru - Flow charts for web projects - Flow charts for mobile projects - Information architecture - Sitemaps - Timelines - Kanban boards - User story maps - Empathy map - Persona - User journey map - SWOT analysis - Dot voting - Design brief - Lean UX canvas - Feature planning - Printable sketchbooks Who is this product for? UX Stack Guru is mainly intended for UI, UX, and Product Designers, both for freelancers and entire design teams. Of course, there is no obstacle for people not related to design, such as Developers, Project Managers, Product Owners, etc. to use UX Stack Guru. However, please keep in mind that basic knowledge of using Figma is required to use the product efficiently. In the future, we plan to add new products and templates to UX Stack Guru to make the tool even more versatile.
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UX Stack Guru
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