Design Tips / Tools For UX Designer
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Tools For UX Designer
What tool do you use for UX design? If not then this post is for you... Here are my favourite tools for UX Design, Which I am using into my work for design, strategies, creating flows, mind-mapping, user journey and so on... ⠀ My Favourite tools are — Mindnode — Miro — Lucidchart — Notion ⠀ I believe every tool is useful for me included Mindnode, Miro and Lucidchart but What about notion? Is it UX tool if yes then How I can use this for UX design? For UX designer notion is very useful for documenting the UX process, research, surveys, Interview, and for many other things! ⠀ Let me know what tool you use for UX design Comment below. ⠀ Spread your love by reposting making stories & share with friends! Presented by: @fazurrehman